Material Selection and Source Reduction

At Tandus, we don’t take our accomplishments for granted and stop the development process when one advancement comes to fruition. Tandus Technologies, the research and development center of Tandus, is always looking for ways to do more with less…or with the less expected.

Tandus ventured outside our own industry to find valuable alternative waste streams for feed-stock. This search for alternative material streams and collaboration with a leading healthcare provider yielded ethos, a high performance polymer, recycled from disposed windshields and safety glass.

Powerbond ethos Cushion features:

  • 36-61% recycled content (SCS-certified) including 36% post consumer recycled content
  • NSF 140 Platinum-certified
  • 100% recyclable.

ethos modular features:

  • 26-50% recycled content (SCS-certified) including a minimum of 15% post consumer content,
  • NSF-140 Platinum-certified
  • 100% recyclable.

Click here to watch ethos video.

Tandus Technologies, the company’s research and development center, collaborated with NatureWorks LLC, a division of Cargill®, to create Genesis, a sheathcore fiber technology with nylon and a bio-based polymer.

Genesis is made of 15% biopolymer and 85% nylon in either yarn dyed or solution-dyed.

The bio-based polyol is derived 100% from annually renewable plant sugars from non-food stock.

  • 86% fewer greenhouse gas emissions; and
  • 65% less nonrenewable (petroleum-based) energy than nylon.

The first Genesis products were installed at the Cargill campus and consists of 10,000 yards of a custom Pietra style with ER3® modular carpet.