Continuing a 40 year heritage of innovation, Tandus has become the ONLY commercial flooring company to have ALL of its recycled content product lines certified as Environmentally Preferable under the nationally recognized NSF-140 Sustainable Carpet Assessment Standards (SCAS) certification program.

What is measured by NSF-140: The program evaluates all measurable aspects of the environmental impact of floorcoverings, from manufacturing to installation to performance to end-of-life issues even to the social performance of the company.

Why use NSF-140? Because NSF-140 certifications are backed by independent third-party audits, designers and specifiers can use NSF-140 as an accurate measure to compare the environmental preferability of different flooring platforms and styles


Tandus has partnered with to offset the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions of its products. Through a very measured approach, Tandus has ensured that its CarbonFree product offerings are conducted responsibly through a third party certification process, producing meaningful results in decreasing the overall level of its GHG emissions.

Tandus is now offering its customers the option to purchase products that are CarbonFree certified through, the leading nonprofit carbon reduction and offset organization. For a nominal cost, customers can purchase Tandus’s modular or Powerbond carpet and the GHG emission offset through a registered and credible program. For more information visit

For more than 20 years, Tandus has been actively researching, developing and bring to market innovative and environmentally preferable products. Whether you are looking to specify or purchase products that are recyclable, have significant amounts of recycled content or need to perform in high-traffic areas, Tandus is on the forefront of providing durable flooring solutions with the most advanced environmental attributes in the industry.

While LEED does not actually certify building and commercial interiors products, materials can contribute to earning credits if they process the environmental attributes identified by LEED strategies.

Tandus provides a wide selection of Powerbond, modular and broadloom products that are LEED “compatible”.

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Tanduss' US operations are ISO 14001 certified. Through our Environmental Management System (EMS), we are able to measure reductions in the environmental impacts of our operations and increase operating efficiency with a goal of continuous improvement. The EMS has company-wide involvement and participation. All Tandus employees are involved in environmental initiatives, such as recycling, reducing material usage, waste, water, energy and emissions.