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We at Tandus believe we have a responsibility to educators, facilities managers, and design professionals. Our mission is to help provide the best environments possible for engaging children and inspiring them to learn.

Educators agree that learning environments require the following attributes:

  • Low cost of ownership
  • Waterproof to spills and maintenance
  • Extremely low VOCs
  • Easy to maintain and repair
  • 25+ year life-cycle
  • Thermal attributes and comfort
  • Low cost of ownership

To satisfy all of these attributes schools do not use carpet nor do they use a hard surface floor.

All of the attributes are found only in hybrid resilient floorcoverings. Tandus’s hybrid resilient sheet floorcovering is Powerbond—an innovative fit-for-purpose solution for education settings.

Product Features

Powerbond is an easy to install, maintain and repair floorcovering solution that also offers peace of mind with a 25 year non-pro-rated warranty.

  • Powerbond is available with the revolutionary RS “Peel and Stick” installation—a factory-applied releasable adhesive that makes Powerbond installation fast and efficient.
    • Immediate occupancy.
    • Eliminates the need for wet adhesives.
    • 16x less waste Vs modular carpet.
    • Virtually eliminates VOCs.
  • Low maintenance cost
    • Vacuum, spot clean and occasional wet extraction
    • Attic stock will not “walk off”
  • Closed cell cushion construction offers easy repairs
    • Simply cut out damaged area and replace with new piece of Powerbond and seamlessly weld products together via peel and stick.

Excellent acoustics are essential in classrooms and learning environ¬ments where aural information and communication are fundamental to the education process. This is especially true in elemen¬tary schools, since for younger children, learning to hear and interpret speech and sounds is as much a part of the educational process as the actual content in the lessons being taught. Proper acoustics conducive to ease of communication can also lend itself to reduced vocal effort required by teachers.

  • 75% of the school day involves listening activities.
  • U.S. schools may lose as much as $2.5 billion annually in sick leave for teachers with vocal problems.
  • As many as one-third of all students are missing up to 33% of verbal communication in class.1

1 Source: Acoustical, School Construction News, March/April 2002

The POWERBOND® Difference

Reverberation Chart tennis ball chair image

An acoustical analysis of school classrooms conducted by consulting engineers in audio, acoustics and video demonstrate that Powerbond’s closed cell cushion construction helps to reduce reverberation times and ambient noise levels in classrooms.

The reported findings include:

  • The Powerbond flooring reduced the reverberation times from 8% to 25% in an unoccupied classroom. It reduced the reverberation times from 15% to 20% in an occupied classroom. This reduction of reverberation times is significant.
  • One important comparison is the activity and impact noise of chairs moving across the floors. There is an 8 to 13 dB improvement when using the Powerbond flooring. Some of the chair legs in the Standard VCT floored classroom have felt pads. This is significant.

In the average classroom, there is 900 linear feet of open seams creating “flow-through” installation and potentially moisture liability. Traditional carpet constructions allow moisture to penetrate the backing leading to product failure.

Figure C

Powerbond’s closed cell cushion construction seamlessly welds together creating a wall-to-wall moisture barrier. This extends the life of the product and it eliminates the potential for microbial growth due to moisture.

Figure D

Powerbond’s closed cell cushion construction offers proven performance but it also offers design capabilities unmatched by another floorcovering.

Inlay Installation


Powerbond offers inlay capabilities, which means you can seamlessly inlay Powerbond product within Powerbond product creating beautiful designs. Whether it’s to incorporate schools colors in unique areas throughout the school or to define wayfinding, inlays perfect for educational settings.



Take the inlay capabilities one step further and design your school mascot, logo or a unique learning tool and inlay it right into the floor with Tandus’s Imagination program. Created at the Tandus headquarters, Imaginations are then shipped to the job site and inset in the Powerbond instillation—seamlessly of course!

Download the Powerbond Idea Book Volume II

Powerbond Cushion offers many attributes beneficial to the education setting but there’s one more obvious …comfort.

Figure G
  • Absorbs foot traffic impact, therefore reducing leg and foot fatigue
  • Adds comfort underfoot
  • Provides soft landings for accidental slips and falls
  • Warranted to maintain 90% of cushion resiliency over 20 years
  • Powerbond has 14 times better resiliency that hard plate vinyl
  • 100% recovery after 96 hours


Broadloom Thermal Graph Powerbond Thermal Graph

Thermal imaging has shown he closed cell cushion construction of Powerbond offers significantly greater insulation properties and energy savings compared to most other floorcoverings including broadloom and carpet tile.

The graphs to the right indicate the thermal temperature of a floor with Powerbond and a floor with broadloom. Powerbond’s unique thermal properties indicate that the floor temperature is within 1 degree of the ambient temperature of the room, wile the broadloom have no thermal value help insulate the floor from the concrete, which is almost 10% colder.