Style: Nonconform


Today's OfficeScape is evolving to be more conducive to a healthier, more productive work place for employees. Factors like benching, day lighting and more collaboration between coworkers are key elements in this new design.

One commonaility of the new OfficeScape is more open space. This new space brings more attention to the flooring and that's where products designed using Tandus' Sero design approach makes a significant impact.

People are more comfortable and more productive in a workplace with more day lighting. Drywall is now converted to glass for more transparency and an “open door” collaborative work environment. Transparency places a higher emphasis on floor design, color and texture.

Tandus breaks free with Sero designed floorcoverings that are more purposeful and sophisticated to create a floor plane with large open patterns where colors, textures and patterns flow, pool and shift with a slate-like installation from any viewing angle.

Workstations are no longer a traditional “L-shape”; they are straight counters called “benching” that reduces space by 25%, a trend that began several years ago with a more mobile collaborative workforce. Floorcoverings now provide a grounding element to help establish an emotional connection to a work place.

Tandus has taken a fresh new viewpoint that emphasizes the design of the floor plane, rather than the square. Sero designed hybrid resilient flooring (Powerbond) and modular carpet create a floor as unique as the space that is being installed.

To borrow natural lighting from the exterior walls to the interior spaces workstations have shifted from a privacy height of 66 inches to 42 inches high and in some cases, panels are completely gone. Harvard Business Review stated that “a line-of-sight connection between workers yielded more than a 15% improvement in productivity.”

Tandus makes design history again with break-through Sero design applied to our hybrid resilient sheet flooring – Powerbond, and modular carpet. Two unique floorcoverings collaborate in fresh new sophisticated design options that combine layering of texture and color to create patterns that break conventional boundaries of the square.

More natural lighting suggests a healthier and more productive workplace, “benching” reduces office space by 25%, and line-of sight workers improve productivity by 15%. Today’s officescape is changing due to a more mobile and collaborative work environment. We have to rethink floorcoverings’ role in this new officescape.

Tandus and Sero design technology work in tandem with today’s dynamic, open office where floorcoverings are now more visible, more personal, and a greater part of the office experience. Sero designed hybrid resilient sheet flooring (Powerbond) and modular carpet work in tandem to create flawless design possibilities.