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The Sero™ design approach transforms flooring design. The revolutionary approach emphasizes the design of the floor plane, rather just the square. Now, modular is truly more than just a square.

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Stratatec® Technology

Tandus' arsenal of tufting equipment includes innovative Stratatec machines that employ full (none) repeat scrolls. Stratatec technology and machinery control 952 needles with their own personal servo that individually control color, texture and pattern that allow product designer to design on an expansive canvas--four times larger to be exact.

Traditional tufting equipment control only 238 needles because they share servos. This limitation constrains the product designer to think in "repeats" and when designing--designing within a square. Stratatec breaks free from this convention with independence of each needle allowing for the creation of more sophisticated design options and nuanced patterns. These patterns combine layering of texture and color and truly break free of the conventional square design.

Purposeful Variations

Purposeful Variations

Purposeful Variations
Sero design approach broadens the scope of design--the square is no longer the design medium with pattern repeating tile after tile. Sero creates purposeful variations with colors, patterns and textures that now flawlessly shift from tile to tile culminating in a unified floor design. Products designed using Sero eliminate pattern fatigue and create a floor as unique as the space where it is being installed.

The Sero design approach began with the Powerbond platform that pioneered sophiscated and unique designs allowing for new ideas to take shape. Using the full capabilities of the Stratatec® equipment Tandus has created award-winning Powerbond designs. With that same design intelligence combined with the capabilities of Stratatec, now Sero is applied to modular creating a whole new perspective with infinite possibilities.